Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sydney Nova Scotia

Old Sydney Steel Plant

Sydney Steel Plant was Built in the Early 1900s and The Steel Workers Used to Work there a Long Time Ago. Sydney Nova Scotia was the Steel Capital of Canada.  People Worked There to Make Steel and railroad tracks.  They Have Their Own Roads and their Own Fire Stations and A lot of People used to work there a long time ago and they made lots of money there and the Steel Workers used to Live in the Company Houses very close to the Steel Plant.  Lots of These Company Houses are on Victoria Road and Some of them are torn down.  There are few of them on Dominion Street and Most of them are torn down on Dominion Street and the their Power is on the Steel Workers Transformers.

Overpass was Built in 1965 and Before That it used to be a Subway and the Subway got Flooded a Long Time ago.  During the early 1990s Overpass used to be 4 lanes and People used to Pass the Cars until they changed the Law during the 1990s.  Overpass is the Road Over the Sydney Steel Plant Property during the 1990s and Pretty Soon the Overpass will be Torn Down after while.  Before 1965 it used to be the Underpass called Subway and the road went under the railroad tracks and during the Heavy Rain Storms the Subway got Flooded.

The Sydney Port Access Road and The Road Used to Be Part of the Sydney Steel Plant Property and There are Very Few Buildings left Standing from the Sydney Steel Plant and Most of the Stacks and Furnaces were Torn Down and Blasted during the 2000s and it is Now the Walking track and a Tennis Court and they are cleaning up the Tar Ponds and Pretty Soon the North Pond will Be Clean Up.  Before the Steel Plant was Ever Built People used to go Swimming there a long time ago.  Before the Underpass aka Subway was Built lots of cars had to stop at the Train Tracks until the Train Passes By.

The Spar Road today it is Now the Harborside Industrial Park and Protocase Inc is there now once a Steel Plant Production and lots of Steel Plant Trains went there a long time ago and Carrying all the Steel and Ship them to the Steel Processing Plant in Sydney Nova Scotia and they Shipped on to the Boat after while.  It Used to have the Tar Ponds to Cool the Steel Off to prevent overheating until the Steel Plant has shut down in the Year 2000 and the Somebody from Another Country Bought the Steel Plant then most of the Buildings were torn down.

Former Cook Ovens was the Part of the Sydney Steel Corporation and During the 1950s A lot of People worked in the Cook Ovens and Most of the People Died from the Health Problems from working at the Cook Ovens during the 1950s and Cook Ovens were out of Business Long Before Frankie MacDonald was Born in 1984 and Today they are Cleaning all the Old Pipes Deep Underground and Cleaning all the Soil from the Cook Ovens where People used to work there during the 1950s and 1960s and Frederick Street was Right Next Door to the Cook Ovens and during the 1990s Most of the Houses were Torn Down on Frederick Street and there are Couple Houses Left are Standing on Frederick Street and Frederick Street in Whitney Pier was a Nice Street Once upon a time until the City told the People to Leave these Houses on Frederick Street and the Soil was Very Bad.

These Pump Houses and during way Back then it was Part of the Sydney Steel Corporation and it Used to be Part of the Cook Ovens and these Old Cook Ovens Buildings were Torn Down and A lot of People Got cancer from Working at the Cook Ovens and all the Pollution came from the Sydney Steel Plant and the Cook Ovens to Produce Steel.

Former Sydney Youth Club

This Building was a Sydney Youth Center a Long Time ago during the 1980s and Lots of Kids went there for Something to do a While ago and it had Games and Tutoring,  Music,  Other Kind of activities,  Summer Program at the Sydney Youth Club on Inglis Street across the Street from the Kiwanis Pool and That Building was a Good Youth Club for all the Kids used to Go There after School and The Kids used to Do Their Homework and Played Sports inside the Youth Club and the Bowling alley was down the Basement during the 1980s.  Today the Sydney Youth Club is Empty and Boarded Up and Condemned.  During the 1980s it had day camps for the Kids in the Summer Months when the Kids are Bored and had nothing to do they attended to Sydney Youth Club for Summer Activities and It had Tae Kwon Do Classes there as well.  That is Long Before the Whitney Pier Youth Club Days.

Rest of Sydney Nova Scotia

Boston Pizza was built during the year 2000s and it is one of the New Buildings in Sydney Nova Scotia and People Buy their Pizzas and hot wings there and other kind of foods and it has a bar for the older people to go there to watch sports such as Hockey, Baseball, Football, Basketball and other kind of sports too and Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Hockey Players had their dinner there.  Boston Pizza used to be Part of the Parking Lot a while ago now.

Former Sydney Shopping Center Mall is Now a Plaza and It used to be a Plaza a long time ago.  During the 1970s it made into the regular mall with a Food Court and during the 1980s and early 1990s it had the Stores such as Sam the Record Man, Radio Shack, Camera Store and Super Touch Fashions store is now the Islands Fashions Store and It had a Arcade there for the Teenagers to Play Video Games there and it had The Pizza Den Jr in the Sydney Shopping Centre Close to the Oasis Food Court and the Oasis food court had A&W, Mrs Vanelli's Pizza, Fish and Chips, Orange Julius and Chinese Food Restaurant until the 1997 they took out the Food Court at the Sydney Shopping Center Mall and Became the Part of the Mall with the More Stores Such as Athletes World, VIP Nails, UNIC, Maritime Travel and the Scotiabank and they have torn down the old sobeys and built the new sobeys building during the late 1990s and in the Year 2010 they have shut down the Sydney Shopping Center Mall and It is Now the Part of the Strip Mall once Again.

Blockbuster Video Used to Be the Great Video Store and People Used to Rent Movies and video games before it Shut Down and they had a lot of Customers and it was Part of the Sydney Shopping Plaza and It has  MM Meat Shops, Easy Home,  Insurance Office, Armed Forces office and the Sydney Shopping Plaza used to be a Playground and Ball field and a Soccer Field a while ago now.

Empire Theaters is the Place for People to Watch the Movies when it is Bran New long before it comes out on Video.  Right Now they show New Movies and UFC and Boxing there on the Big Screen inside the Theaters and they show kids Movies there too and They Now Show the 3D movies there now and On the Weekends and Holidays People go to the Movies During the Daytime for Something to do when Everything is Closed During the Holidays.

The Other Part used to be the Sydney Shopping Center Mall and The New Shoppers Drug Mart is Under Construction and in the year 2010 it used to be the Heather Bowling Lanes where People used to Go Bowling. the Special Education Classes from Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools and High Schools and Horizon Achievement Center also Went Bowling at the Heather Bowling Lanes and Retired Teachers and Mens League and Sydney Bowling League Played there in the Year 2010 and Before that and in June of the Year 2010 Heather Bowling Lanes was Shut Down and it used to have the Hair Dressers called Gals and Guys.  At the Heather Bowling Lanes it had Membertou Went Bowling there too so is the Other Clubs and Little kids and it Used to be the Televised Bowling Program as well and Heather Bowling Lanes was a Great Place to Go Bowling in the Year 2010 and Before that and in June 2010 Heather Bowling Lanes was Shut Down.

Prince Street was Busier than Victoria Road and it is a Four Lane Street today and During the 1990s it used to be a 2 lane Street Before Torn Up and Made it to the 4 Lane Street and Before the Sydney Shopping Center Mall was Built the Land used to be a Swamp Land a Long Time Ago and Today it has a 2 Strip Malls and Former Normal Mall with the Heather Bowling Lanes.

Sears Building Today Used to Be a Bingo Hall and People used to Play Bingo there a Long Time Ago and Today it is Now the Sears Store and People do shopping there and they sell Clothing, Electronics, Footwear, Household, Beds and Bath as well.

Disco Street is Another Street Heading on to Victoria Road from the Lower Prince Street and Another Way to Get to Whitney Pier from the Rest of Sydney Nova Scotia it has a Car Dealer Ships, Ashby Video, Big Bens Store and Disco Street is a Very Busy Street and it is Close to the Former Company Houses where the Steel Workers used to Live there on Victoria Road and Richmond Street.

A airplane in the Sky is Leaving Sydney Airport and Heading to Halifax and other Planes Leave Sydney For Toronto and City of Toronto is home of the 102.1 The Edge Radio Station and Lots of Planes leave Sydney Airport and Most of the Planes go to Halifax it is Not Just of Passengers it is for Cargo too and Cargo Planes also land at the Sydney Airport too.

Prince Street Heading to Downtown Sydney Nova Scotia from the Welton Street and it is a Very Busy Street.  Cars Heading to Sydney Boardwalk on this Street and Downtown Sydney is where the 94.9 the Cape is on Charlotte Street and that is the Radio Station in Sydney Nova Scotia.

Centre 200 is a New Building and during the 1980s it had the Old Sydney Forum where the High School Hockey used to play the games there on the weekends and night times and the Old Sydney Forum is Now Torn Down and Centre 200 was build and it Became the Home of the Cape Breton Oilers for few years then the Oilers Left Cape Breton and in the Year 1997/98 to Present Day Cape Breton Screaming Eagles play hockey there now and They Have Concerts, Monster Trucks, Flea Markets, Graduation Ceremony's, Plays and Grand Marches and Other Kind of Events too.

Kiwanis Pool is the Home of the Sydney Swim Team and The Schools and Special Education Classes go Swimming at the Kiwanis Pool and other Kind of the Clubs went Swimming there and Whitney Pier Youth Club Go Swimming at the Kiwanis Pool on Every 2nd Wednesday Night and Horizon Achievement Center also Go Swimming at the Kiwanis Pool too.

This Abandoned Building Used to Be a Business there a While Ago and Today it is Now Empty and Condemned and it was a Business there Once upon a time.